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Beckie CargleBeckie Cargle

My Husband and I are so happy with Dr. Ollie and the results we have seen in our health. So much so, we can't stop referring people to his office!!! we want everyone to feel as good as we do. If you have any need for (who am I kidding!!!) EVERYONE has a need for a CHIROPRACTOR! DR.Ollie is the BEST.

Hillari KennedyHillari Kennedy

Holly Springs Chiropractic and Massage is absolutely a joy. Dr. Ollie, his staff, and the interns are all super welcoming and make your experience unlike any doctor’s office around. The results are great and you leave feeling completely refreshed.

Baylen SmithBaylen Smith

Just went to a chiropractor for the first time. Dr. Ollie talked me through everything he did while he was doing it. He was super relatable. His secretary was very friendly and helpful. He especially likes to work with sports injuries, so I got some high-tech sport-level treatment even though I'm not an athlete.

Frederick FreerFrederick Freer

I've known Ollie for years. Played hockey with him and his brother since the late 90's - early 2000's. Always been a standup guy and it doesn't surprise me to see the success he is having. I've recently visited Ollie for a hand injury, which was my first visit to his office as well. The treatment he gave me sped up the healing process of my hand faster than I could've imagined. I was back on the ice the following week after taking a shot directly to the hand. He also adjusted me while I was in the office and I can honestly say this was the best visit to a chiropractor I've ever had (not being bias). I recommend Ollie to anyone and everyone in or around the Holly Springs area, you will not be disappointed. Ollie is very professional and extremely good at what does. His staff is very friendly and again, I would recommend Ollie to everyone.

Hunter RamseyHunter Ramsey

I have been going to Holly Springs Chiropractic for a while and known Ollie for several years. His place is great! I do recommend James for a message. He moved muscle and made me feel better in just one session. Make an Apt today!


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